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Vodkas LIAREV are produced in limited quantities, as only natural products are used. And the quality of production and procurement conditions create a high cost price. Homemade fruit distillate from fruits grown in mountainous and sunny Armenia, obtained by natural method in compliance with centuries-old traditions. No Additives, flavorings were used in the process of making the drink. A full range of vodkas is 10, made without sugar and supplements. Most of these flavors have never been marketed before. Vodka is produced in a capacity of 0.05L and 0.5L. You can order our vodkas online on our website or buy from the following stores: • SAS supermarkets • PARMA supermarket, North Avenue • VAS, Khorenatsi 6 • Nor Zovq, Hanrapetutyan 71 • Nrneni HOUSE, Pushkini 21 • Abovyan city, Abovyan Supermarket • Noyan aygi, Garni, Marzpetuni 10 • Tsaghkadzor Marriott

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